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Bedding Starter Kit - Snooze by Room Estate

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This official Room Estate bedding starter kit includes the bedding essentials so you can start sleeping comfortably and relaxed right away.

You will receive the following

1x Blanket
The comforter has an excellent quality and is suitable for both winter and summer.

2x Pillows
This pillow is suitable for sleeping have a standard size.

1x Elastic Bed Linen
Is especially suitable for box spring beds with a size of 140cm x 200cm lying surface. However, can also be used for the single beds with a lying surface of 90cm x 200cm.

1x Covers for the Blanket and the Pillows
The cozy covers fit for the above mentioned comforter as well as the two pillows.



You will get a green elastic bed linen and anthracite covers with light grey lines.


You get a white elastic bed linen and white covers.

Our service staff will deliver this package to your Room Estate residence address within 3 working days of your order or can have them ready in your room on the day you move in (if you order 3 working days in advance).